Hotel Palazzo Bello Recanati

Hotel Palazzo Bello Recanati

Hotel Palazzo Bello - Recanati


The hotel in Recanati surrounded by poetry

Hotel Palazzo Bello is just like a wonderful window overlooking the Marche hills. Come closer: you will hear the sweet sound of the wind among the olive trees; you will see the countryside slowly changing shape and colors before your eyes; or let your gaze be lost overthere, in the deep blue of the sea. This 3-star hotel in Recanati is your window on the Marche. Open it: the real vacation starts here.

Hotel Palazzo Bello is a bike friendly hotel. When, after a long day discovering the most beautiful places to visit in the Marche, you are looking for a little rest, ride quickly towards Palazzo Bello. Here we will to take care of your bike, and of you, of course!

The “Lo Zibaldone” restaurant inside the hotel is open only for events and ceremonies from October to April.

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